0 Weekly Update : 5th Dec to 9th Dec 2011

Nifty Gained 7.2% i.e. approx 340 gain in last week. VIX closed at 23.99 approx -17 points down. If VIX falls further below these levels then it will create more strong support for nifty.

Break Out Levels :

Positional Long Nifty (Spot) above 5065 for Targets 5098, 5130, 5170, 5241, 5280 stop 5022
Positional Short Nifty (Spot) below 5022 for Targets 4960, 4890, 4858, 4824, 4790 stop 5065

EDUCOMP Buy above 219 or Sell below 207
Heromotoco Buy above 2109 or Sell below 2056
PantaloonR Buy above 216 or sell below 205.40
VIPIND Buy above 125 or sell below 119.50

Peformance Update : 28th Nov to 2nd Dec 2011

Nifty Intraday : 229 Points Profit
Nifty Positional : 239 Points Profit
DRreddy Buy above 1565 (Not initiated)
Jindal steel Buy above 501 (38.90 Points Profit)
JP associate Buy above 62.50 (5.4 Points Profit)
ONGC Buy above 254 (23.80 Points profit)
Sesagoa Buy above 175 (21.35 Points Profit)
JSWsteel Buy above 571.50 (67.50 Points Profit)
LICHSGFIN Buy above 214.50 (20.40 Points Profit)


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