0 Weekly Update : 27th Feb to 2nd March 2012

Pstl Long Nifty(Spot) above 5480 and Short Nifty(Spot) below 5370

Break Out Levels Future :
Maruti Buy above 1300 and Sell below 1280. Lot size 250.
M&M Buy above 745 and Sell below 725. Lot size 500.
IDEA Buy above 95 and Sell below 93. Lot size 4000.
TATAPOWER Buy above 116.50 and Sell below 112. Lot size 4000.
VOLTAS Buy above 113.50 and Sell below 107.50. Lot size 2000.

Performance Update : 20th Feb to 24th Feb 2012

Nifty Positional Long Call (SL triggered -80)
Nifty short positions (Trgt 2 hit + 107)
Sell below : 575. Booked at 560. (+7500)
Sell below : 363. Booked at 348. (+15000)
BAJAJHLDNG not initiated due to very less volumes.
ULTRACEMCO Sell below : 1471. Booked at 1441. (+7500)
INDIAINFO Buy above : 73. Booked at 78.50. (+22500)

Total Profit : 55200 in this week and 321000 in the month of Feb.

Note : Profit calculated based on 1 lot per script. Total investment 3 Lakh
          Exact Entry, Exit and Stop for Active members only.


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