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Recent Achievements : Aditya Birla Group company Grasim Industries  is working on setting up a USD 500 million (Rs 2,764 crore) plant in Turkey for producing VSF, a raw material used for making apparels and home textiles.

They will invest this amount over the next five years to set up the facility along with a captive power plant and Sulphuric Acid plant. It woudld come up in two phases. It also plans to export around 20% of the VSF produced in Turkey to European Union and other nations.

Grasim is nearly at its 52 Weeks high (2928) and if broken this stock will try achieving its new high 3350. We strong recomment to buy and hold grasim above 2928 for a medium to long term target of 3350 and with a stop loss of 2840.


  1. Grasim High today 2980 and closed at 2970..Enjoy!!!

  2. Grasim was a Accurate call sirji,3003 high today from 2929,huge success..let the trend carry ON.....raj bangalore

  3. Grasim now it is 3046 high...awsome ......raj bangalore

  4. Grasim has taken resistance twice at 3048...Lets wait and watch the same for next week.

  5. Keeping 2928 as stop loss and still holding positions

  6. Grasim Back on Fire...Made high today 3010...I am still holding my positions on Grasim

  7. Grasim high 3172...Book 50% profit and Rest trail with stop loss 3100...Enjoy!!!

  8. Grasim Today touched 3348.50 (Target achieved) and This call is closed. I have booked all my profits and exited this trade fully. Enjoy!!!!


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