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The Nifty may continue to find resistance around 5400 while 5170 on downsides should act as a crucial support level. A move below 5170 may aggravate selling pressure among high beta stocks. The last expiry was at 5300+ and with the way money is flowing in market, we expect Nifty expiry for Oct series can be in range of 5170 - 5400.

I will open Options trade next week by Selling 5100 Put, 5000 Put Sept month at total premium of 50 Rs and Selling 5500 October month Call at a premium of 56-57.

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  1. Trade Initiated Today :

    Sold Nifty 5500 CE October at 63.00
    Sold Nifty 5000 PE September at 13.00
    Sold Nifty 5100 PE September at 25.00

    1. Nifty 5500 CE October CMP 48 ( +15 Rs)
      Nifty 5000 PE September CMP 15.00 ( -2 Rs)
      Nifty 5100 PE September CMP 29.50 ( -4.5 Rs)

      Net Profit 8.5 Rs

  2. Replies
    1. Keep Nifty Spot Break out below 5170 or above 5400 as stop loss. Either side break out will be a trigger as stop loss price to exit in this trade. Let me know if you have any more questions

  3. Nifty 5500 CE October CMP 51.50 ( 11.5 Rs)
    Nifty 5000 PE September CMP 10.75 ( 2.25 Rs)
    Nifty 5100 PE September CMP 22 ( 3.0 Rs)

    Net Profit 16.75 and Booked all my profits today.

  4. excellent, But lucky to make an early profit becoz of detoriating VIX


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