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Havells is very strong on charts and has given break out above 611. I will open this trade in the range of 636-640 for a target of 660-670+ with a stop loss of 627.

Fundamental News :

Electrical goods maker Havells India plans to open more than 200 'Havells Galaxy' exclusive stores by the end of this financial year, Havells Galaxy is spread across 1,000 square feet and offers end-to-end solution in electrical goods. It offers industrial switch gears, cables, fans, CFLs, lighting fixtures and water heaters. Each Havells Galaxy symbolises innovative leadership position in the Electrical and power distribution equipment market. The concept of Havells Galaxy, a one-stop shop, is dynamic and is differently positioned from retail format existing in the country.

Havells has 169 such Havells Galaxy centres across the country, including major towns and cities.

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