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I am proud to announce our newly launched forum at http://forum.trendgurus.in which is going to be under the umbrella of TrendGurus. This forum can be used for sharing our thoughts, views etc to enhance our knowledge and skills. I will be posting all my views and trades in forum now. This forum is now more advanced and lot many features like :

1. Members will be allowed to start their own threads.
2. You can comment on existing threads
3. You can like and share threads with your friends.
4. This is going to be a restricted group which will have members with invitation only. so no CRAP.
5. You can Vote on any thread and Bookmark them for future reference.
6. All updates are quick and immediate via email. This has functionality of updates via email.
7. Attachments can be uploaded even in comments. etc etc

As regular follower of TrendGurus, i invite you to join our newly setup forum.

If you have any questions or suggestions then you are requested to please email it to me at [email protected]




We provide expert in our field. Over 8+ years of experience we will ensure that you are always getting good guidance from the top people in the industry.

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"The man who has minted money with both hands in the Indian stock market says wealth is important but is not the source of all happiness.", Rakesh Jhunjhuwala

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